1979 Porsche 935

Over the Winter I had a rare opportunity, the kind that doesn’t come very often. The car is a 1979 Porsche 935 race car, but it was NOT one that was ever sold to or used by a works racing team. In fact, this customer vehicle is one of only 13 that were sold directly from the factory to Porsche VIP customers back in 1979. This particular 935 Porsche belonged to Otis Chandler and was specified in Vintage Racing Blue colors to match his Sunoco liveried 917/30. As a Porsche fan, I basically melted when I got the call to photograph it, but graciously accepted.

Porsche 935 Photo Shoot

Porsche 935 Photo Shoot

A few weeks later I flew into the undisclosed location, got to the shop where it was located, walked inside and melted yet again. Car guys all know there are places in this world where all of the amazing cars we see on the internet are ACTUALLY hidden away in real life. Well, this was one of those places. The shop was littered with Porsche race cars ranging from a handful of Carrera 2.7RS’, several Porsche 935 racers, a fully restored Porsche 934.5, and more. As an automotive photographer from Minneapolis, this level of Porsche prestige is not regularly seen. We have a very robust Porsche club in Minneapolis, but nothing like this. And to top it all off, there sat the wonderful Vintage Racing Blue Sunoco car I came to photograph.

Porsche 935 Photo Shoot Porsche 935 Photo Shoot Porsche 935 Photo Shoot Porsche 935 Photo Shoot

Walking around the car, no discernable imperfections were visible. The body, the paint, the wheels, the interior, all period correct and all amazing. The car has seen some restorations due to age but no damage from track use has even affected this car. Otis Chandler actually only drove this car on track once in it’s life at Riverside Raceway in California. Some might say that not ever using this car as it was intended to be used was a tragedy and I might agree, but at the same time to be standing in front of a 1979 Porsche 935 in factory condition was a rare treat I don’t think will happen again. This 935 is in better condition than any other existing 935, period. When you think about that, it was a special moment.

Porsche 935 Photo Shoot

Then I got to shoot it. I got to be alone with it (in the dark even). I got to express my photographic vision with this car and it was a day I will not forget.

Porsche 935 Photo Shoot Porsche 935 Photo Shoot Porsche 935 Photo Shoot Porsche 935 Photo Shoot Porsche 935 Photo Shoot Porsche 935 Photo Shoot
My name is Josh Hway and I am a professional car photographer. More photos from the shoot can be seen here: http://www.dynamicphotowerks.com/portfolio/porsche-935/

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