Dynamic Photowerks is a specialized media company based in Minneapolis/St Paul MN.

Josh Hway, the founder, started Dynamic Photowerks by building a successful photography business where he combined his two great passions: photography and the automotive industry. More recently, Dynamic Photowerks has expanded into multiple fields of digital imagery including commercial, aerial, and video applications. Josh Hway is fully dedicated to his craft and to his unique clients.

Aerial photography and aerial cinematography have become a large focus for Dynamic Photowerks. Now having been flying sUAS (Small Unmanned Aerial Systems) for over four years, Josh has been producing content from the sky for an entirely new set of client demands. 

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Josh Hway

Who I Work With:


Automobile Magazine

Artful Living


Urban Bagger

Viper Magazine

Gooding & Company

Wheels of Italy

Rally America




3M Films

AKIN Shoes

HRE Wheels

Avant Garde Wheels

Crown Rally


Crashed Toys

Commemorative Air Force Minnesota Wing

City of Wayzata

BRAAS Company


Auto Trimmers

Patience Metal Fab

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