So you need to have a car photographed? Whether you need professional automotive photography done out of personal interest, editorial purposes, selling the car, or commercial applications, Dynamic Photowerks is your best source for quality photography. We are based in Minneapolis Minnesota and have been photographing cars for over 20 years with a broad spectrum of clients. However, maybe you found this website and still have some questions about how the process works, what our services cost, or just need help facilitating the sale of a car. This article was written to answer all of your questions! 

Let’s start with personal photography projects. Josh Hway is a true car enthusiast himself and understands the drive to document your own special vehicle. Maybe you’ve got a collectible car that deserves an honest photoshoot, or you have a project car that FINALLY runs after a restoration, or you have the sports car of your dreams that you just acquired. No matter what the situation is, we can custom-tailor a photo shoot designed especially for you. We will choose the time, location, and desired style of photos you want and we set to work. All prices are established individually and based on the specifics of the customer. 

Editorial photography has been a part of my business since the beginning by working with a number of prominent publishers and outlets on story-driven projects. While editorial car photography is still a big part of the car scene, it has been a relatively small percentage of Dynamic Photowerks’ work, however, we are always interested in discussing new projects and would be happy to help on any story and article you are writing. 

Selling a car is a part of everyday life for many of us, whether you are selling a car personally on Bring-A-Trailer,, Auto Trader, Facebook marketplace, Pcar Market, Cars & Bids, Ebay Motors, Craigslist, or others, it always pays off to have a tailor-made photoshoot to showcase the vehicle and demand top dollar. We also work with dealerships on special, high-dollar, inventory that demands custom photography to advertise with. And finally, we work with auction houses to capture entire catalogs, car collections, and the rarest of vehicles. That said, for many of us, Bring a Trailer remains a primary outlet for advertising your special car.