Just before we turned the calendar over to 2024, 3M and Dynamic Photowerks planned and photographed a project intended to highlight the many ways in which 3M uses sustainable resources and manufacturing for the Scotch brand. We put together our team and planned a two-phase shoot to create the photo assets that 3M was looking for. 

Phase one of our photo shoot was to visit the 3M plant in Hutchinson Minnesota and actually go into the factory where literally thousands of various 3M products are manufactured to photographer numerous processes and products where they are made. In addition, we focused on highlighting the heavy use of recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing practices.

Phase two was all about studio photography. We rounded up the team and headed back to the studio to create strong visuals and abstract images to be used in showcasing the sustainability of the Scotch brand yet again. The goal was to create images that capture your attention with simple, yet strong, ideas to easily show how big manufacturers like 3M take big steps to keep our world a cleaner place. 

The photographic challenges of this shoot were fun to overcome. We enjoyed working through each shot on the shot list at the factory and in the studio to give the effects we wanted. Along with a wonderful team of support from 3M Design and my personal photo assistant, we took each shot on our list carefully and methodically with great effect. The results are being used both internally at 3M and externally to educate onlookers in the public. 

Dynamic Photowerks is thrilled to have completed yet another project for our friends at 3M and to bring more images to life for the Scotch brand. 

Josh Hway is a commercial and automotive photographer based in Minneapolis Minnesota. We work on projects near and far anywhere around the globe.